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Wedding Exclusive, is a team of professional photographers specialized in wedding services. Based in Genoa, Liguria, we offer our services wherever our images take us

For over 20 years, always alongside the future spouses, our professional photographers, follow a reportage style, favoring natural poses able to capture all the details and nuances of the day in a discreet and reserved way to put the spouses and the their guests.

Our "work", however, will not end on the day of your wedding, but only after a careful and rigorous selection and post-production work on the shots taken, to offer you only the best.

The best moment on USB

For a photo shoot different from the others, to give your relatives and friends an emotion that does not take up space and that is highly customizable with printing, the solution is the wedding photo shoot on a USB stick.

Having your wedding photo shoot available on a USB stick means marrying technology and being constantly accompanied by the memory of your most beautiful day.

You will be ready to show it when you wish and you can print at any time and in complete autonomy the photos that tell your emotions and your feelings. You will have in your pocket something that speaks of you, that represents you. You can choose how and where to print the photos and to whom to show them.

Servizio Fotografico su Chiavetta USB a Genova Wedding Exclusive

A memory for the guests

This service offers the couple the opportunity to give all the guests a fun gift to take home as a souvenir of the day.

During the reception the bride and groom and guests are portrayed in funny and hilarious shots.

The chosen images will then be immediately printed and made available to all guests packaged in a personalized photo card.

A different and original way to thank all the people who have been close to you on your most beautiful day.

Servizio Polaroid a Genova Wedding Exclusive

Photo Book: a fairytale memory

It represents an exceptional product that enhances the photographic service, combining very high definition printing with a latest generation editorial project.

The result is the creation of a real book, the book of your wedding, to leaf through, in which we do not find photos pasted on paper, the pages of a story, the story of your wedding.

An original product that combines the photographer's skill with sartorial skill. A unique book, like you. The peculiarity of this photographic story is to make you the protagonists of the most important book ever written before, the book of your life.

It is the wedding album that best manages to preserve the emotions of the day and the complicity of the looks intact.

Album Libro Wedding Exclusive

Prewedding: Your emotions before the wedding

Prewedding is a photographic session where the future spouses are immortalized in a suggestive place that represents something important for them.

It will make you familiar with us, with our camera, overcoming the initial shyness, feel at ease and become the best models in telling yourself.

It will be you with your emotions, your feelings to highlight and give something more to our shots.

We have the task of enhancing this path and making you rediscover moments to relive together through the images.

Servizio Prewedding a Genova Wedding Exclusive

Video Maker

What makes our work as video makers special is knowing how to capture, with great care and discretion, every single emotion that transpires from the gestures and looks of our spouses during the unfolding of their most beautiful, exclusive and unrepeatable day.

We love to observe and shape every single moment, gesture, smile, look and moment of emotion in author's frames... even the smallest elusive detail bears witness to a love story that is always unique and special.

Servizio Prewedding a Genova Wedding Exclusive
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