In which photographic style do you identify yourself with?

We don’t like the labels that are often tied to wedding photographers. Our philosophy of capturing moments and our type of photography is based on what a picture can tell and instill, by way of a natural, spontaneous and direct approach, but very discreet and non-intrusive at the same time. The essence of a wedding photographic service is the search for those true and authentic feelings that characterize that special day, without being fake, unnatural or forced, with a special attention to you and your way of being together, to your friends and your loved ones, to the atmosphere of the wedding and to details.

When’s the best time to book a photographic service?

Our advice is…as soon as possible, once you establish the date of your wedding. The most requested times of the year are the weekends in May, June, July and September but, in the past few years, even August is becoming very requested for weddings. We can honestly say that there isn’t a precise rule, it can be that you’ll find a Saturday in September free two months away from the wedding, just like you might be unlucky and find that a Tuesday or Wednesday of February or March are already booked way in advance. What we can seriously advise you to do is choose your photographer once you start all the arrangements.

How do we book our photographic service?

We recommend that you call us at first, send an e-mail or fill out the form on the website in order to verify availability for the date you’ve chosen. It’s also very important to set a date for a meeting in our studio so that we can get acquainted and become familiar with how the events of the day will be carried out, answer any questions and get a picture of your specific needs. We’ll personally follow you from the beginning up until the end, from the first meeting up until the delivery of the photographs or album, without designating the various creative and administrative phases of the photographic service to third parties. At this point if you decide to choose us as your photographers we’ll sign a contract guaranteeing your choices and you’ll be asked to give a deposit in order to definitely block the date.

How many photos are delivered for the final selection?

It’s difficult to precisely calculate how many photos will be delivered because it depends on the wedding, from the things that will take place during the event and from the characteristics of the chosen service. The number of shots will definitely be high but then a very thorough selection will be carried out of the most important and best photos. Our job is not to produce the largest number of photos but to give you the most consistent and quality images. At the end of the day, this will guarantee you a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 800 manually post-produced photos, each singularly optimized for print.

How long are the delivery times?

The delivery of the “proofs” for the selection of the photographs usually takes place 30/40 days after the wedding. With regards to the creation of the album the delivery times are about 2 months from the moment you choose the layout and place the order. The effective delivery time is therefore tied to how fast you choose the photos for the album and approval of the definite layout.

Why is the service carried out by two photographers?

The two photographers work together in synergy in order to best capture the newlyweds, a gesture, a smile, a detail at the same time with two different viewpoints. Then you have to consider that a wedding photographic service can last many hours and we don’t want to miss a single detail of your special day.

Why choose a professional photographer?

The professional photographer is able to guarantee quality, reliability and certainty, something that no friend/cousin/co-worker or photography buff and unprofessional photographer can ever give you.

Anyone can take a nice picture every once in awhile. Modern equipment allows you to fix a lot of mistakes and technical digital elaborations of the pictures, if used correctly, allow you to recuperate some errors that were made while taking the picture.

Photographing and documenting a wedding is a totally different thing: you need to know how to tell the story of one of the most important days of your life with creativity, attention to detail and nuances, but, above all, it’s very important that the pictures taken be harmonious, coherent and consistent during the entire day of the event. In fact, when you leaf through a wedding album you have to be able to appreciate the full account of the event interpreted by the personal and artistic sensibility of the photographer and not just look at a series of shots completely disconnected from one another.

The professional wedding photographer is able to relate with you and with your guests with discretion without ever hindering the events of the wedding day. When we meet with our clients we usually explain to them how a professional wedding photographer must move while taking pictures inside the church during the celebrations. You often see people moving about in a clumsy way and in the most inappropriate times. It is very important that the photographer of your wedding be familiar with the times and methods of the ceremony and always know how to respect the religious or civil celebration.

Do you provide the newlyweds with certain guarantees?

We’re photographers registered in the Tau Visual (National Association of Professional Photographers). As professional Members specialised in Ceremony and Portrait photography we voluntarily adopt a specific Self-Regulation Code, which represents a guarantee of reliability and professionalism focused on the needs and rights of newlyweds and private clients.


Are you available for photographic services in other regions? 

We’re based out of Genoa and it’s only normal that we mainly work in Liguria. However, it’s often happened that we’ve worked in other Italian regions. Our passion can reach any place where there is a beautiful story to tell, as a matter of fact we like to move around and travel in order to get to know and see new places or situations that can stimulate us with new visual and emotional scenarios.