The price of the photographic service

Even though market demands often force us to make “ready to use” prices, we have always tried to avoid the publication of our price list directly on line, instead giving you the possibility of requesting it by mail or directly contacting us.

The choice of the photographer for your wedding should be made focusing mainly on style and the emotional aspect that a photographic service instills. By making your choice solely on the price you risk underestimating the most important aspect: the photography itself.

Budget is surely an important aspect and often times a limiting one as well, but being aware of what we’re buying is more important than the price itself. In a photographic service the real value is not so much the physical asset, but the feelings and emotions that this asset represents and instills in us.

The importance of a wedding photographic service is the memories that it captures and encloses, the feelings that it’s able to transmit, the token that newlyweds give to future generations. The quality of the images and the capacity that they have in being captivating are the true, fundamental values.

Looking at the images try to understand what they instill in you, if they excite you, what they say to you and if there’s the desire to see yourself in these shots. Well, now you have this chance; a chance of making your wedding stand out with these photographs, to give it a real value that goes beyond the economical aspect because the choice of the photographer does not give you the possibility of mending things.

The importance of meeting

Each client deserves a personalised estimate, for this reason we’re convinced that meeting each other in person is very important in order to understand the demands of the future newlyweds. Especially when we’re talking about a high quality product, a product that has to represent the cherished moments of one of the most important days in the life a couple.

This gives us the possibility of showing you exactly what we do, how we work, letting us become familiar with potential future clients, of understanding their expectations and, last but not least, it also lets us evaluate all the costs in full detail. The meeting will definitely not be an utter waste of time.

Let’s meet, let’s get to know one another, let us know what’s important for you, give us as much information so that we can do a truly good job. Don’t hesitate to drop by our studio, we’re looking forward to meeting you.


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