Art and the profession of shooting photos

Our experiences are interwoven with our personal ones. Photography, as we see it, is not a profession but a way of life. We continuously study and develop our skills, following artistic and professional courses, with the same intensity as always. Photography is preparatory work but also challenges, impartial and efficient choices made from different points of view.

Images and feelings

We not only tell a story through our images but we capture the thrills and feelings that newlyweds feel during their special day, from the moment when the words “I do” are spoken. A truly fascinating and unique job, giving us great responsibility that we embrace with utter joy.

Wedding exclusive and the fleeting moment

In a wedding photographic service the attentive eye of the professional photographer must know how to capture the precise moment when the excitement and thrills of the newlyweds are seen on their faces, completely captivating them. The goal is to capture that fleeting moment forever and seizing it in one single image, describing the environment and the excitement of that entire day with only the help of the lens. That’s why you need the professional photographers of Wedding Exclusive!

The two photographers project

We’re in two, just like the newlyweds. And like them, we support each other, we challenge each other and we live for unique moments. It’s not rivalry, but dualism between the photographers of Wedding Exclusive, the right tension that’s able to keep the attention to details at maximum levels. Even though we may have different ways of working we always influence and stimulate each other, for the exclusive benefit of the newlyweds.

The project was created for this reason, to bring together different skills and to capture the excitement on your faces from different but complementary perspective angles.