Wedding Exclusive


Your wedding, an extraordinary experience

Wedding Exclusive is art and excessive attention to detail, an inseparable duo. This is what you need for your wedding. From the moment when the fateful “I do” is spoken, in addition to the bride and groom, you need the most representative of tokens, the clearest snapshot, the perfect freeze-frame to make that very special moment unforgettable. Wedding Exclusive captures your most sincere feelings and thrills, freezing them forever inside the image of your emotions.

Two professional photographers for your wedding

Your wedding deserves so much more. The Wedding Exclusive project aims at being in two, just like the newlyweds. Two professional and accredited photographers, Cesare Missarelli and Andrea Pace, will be there to capture the most beautiful day of your life. Because two is so much better than one!

Wedding Exclusive, a high-level wedding

Wedding Exclusive gives you a highly professional photographic service. It was created in order to meet with more customisable and innovative services. We are two professional photographers offering our personal contributions of ideas, experiences and ways of intending art to your wedding. Our professionalism at the service of your wedding will make it a truly unique experience.

Weddings in Italy for foreigners

Our experience allows us to work with foreigners as well. Italy is a location that offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of sceneries, for all those who want to get married here. The wedding must reflect the desires of the newlyweds, and foreigners, especially Americans, usually ask for particular photographic services.

Finding that one magical place is not enough, where feelings and style come together in order to find that safe refuge; the preparation of the photographer is becoming more important each time. We at Wedding Exclusive have already accumulated enough experience in ceremonies of foreign newlyweds that we know how to satisfy their most bizarre requests and their different pragmatism. Rely on authentic international photographers, for a truly unforgettable wedding!